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Mindful Monday: Today, train your thoughts to observeall experiences that yield happiness

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February 15, 2023

Welcome to another Mindful Monday with Hurdle, a calm corner of the internet filled with affirmations to help you show up whole, live with joy, and stand in power.

Today, train your thoughts to observe all experiences that yield happiness.

When is the last time you literally stopped to smell the roses? When did you last take a moment to observe the things that bring you joy?

Simple, but intentional pauses like this often feel frivolous or out of place in our fast-pace, productivity-driven society. But science shows, they can yield tremendous emotional and physical health benefits.

Each time we practice an intentional observation of our thoughts, we exercise an important mental muscle. It is the muscle that helps us stay negative thinking, and absorb the powerful benefits of positive thoughts and emotions.

Be it a helpful interaction with a coworker, a kind smile from a stranger, a baby’s laugh, or catching a sunset at the end of a long day, train your thoughts today to observe moments that bring you happiness.

And perhaps seek out those experiences – and roses – that you know will put a smile on your face.

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