Free online therapy is available through our partnership with Hurdle.

COVID-19 has shifted the lives of our students, parents, and communities without warning. We are invested in the health and wellness of the young Black males that we serve to be healthy young men. We understand that these changes can be difficult and want to be of support in the best ways possible.

We are pleased to offer covered therapy sessions to any of our enrolled YKLA students through Hurdle.
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Use group code YKLA when registering for therapy.

Frequently asked questions

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Is the therapy really free?
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Yes. The cost of therapy is covered by YKLA, so you will not need to pay for you or your child’s sessions. Be sure to enter the group code: YKLA on the registration form when you sign up and select Self Pay.

Are therapy sessions held in person?
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Hurdle therapy sessions are held online. You will receive a link to join your session in the reminder email for each of your sessions.

How long are therapy sessions?
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Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long.

How often will I meet with my therapist?
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During your first session, your therapist will work with you to determine how often you will meet for future sessions. Most often, our members meet with their therapists on a weekly basis.

I’ve never been to therapy and I’m not sure it will be a good fit for me.
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It is normal to be unsure or hesitant about trying therapy. Hurdle offers complimentary 15-minute consultations so you can speak with a therapist before officially registering to start therapy.

I have been to therapy before and didn’t find it effective. How is Hurdle different?
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Hurdle understands that people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are having a unique experience in this country. Our therapists are highly trained and dedicated to providing counseling that allows you to show up as your whole self. If you ever feel that your therapist is not a good match for you, Hurdle makes it simple and easy for you to switch providers. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to ensuring you have a positive and empowered experience with therapy.

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Can I share my preferences before I am matched with a therapist?
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Absolutely! There is an opportunity for you to share your preferences when you register for therapy.

Please email or call +1 (724) 250-8855

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