Hurdle provides access to an array of culturally intentional care and resources.

This study will help Hurdle Health and other health organizations better understand how best to treat Black men trying to reduce their substance and/or alcohol use and whether providing therapy with a culturally-intentional approach proves more effective than traditional methods of therapy.
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Study Participation Details

Participant Engagement

  • Complete weekly or bi-weekly mental health therapy appointments through a secure teletherapy portal over the course of three (3) months

  • Complete a set of clinical screening questionnaires throughout the study

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  • Age 18 or older

  • Self-identify as Black and/or African American

  • Are a male/man trying to reduce their substance and/or alcohol use

  • Lives in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia

  • Has access to a computer with internet to participate in Hurdle’s telehealth services

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Participant Compensation

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  • Participants may be compensated up to $255.00.

  • All therapy sessions will be offered to participants at no cost.

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For questions and to learn more, please email Chris@Hurdle.Health, or call 202-964-1066.