We are looking for highly relevant, meaningful, and transformational dialogue to ignite curiosity and inspire action toward a new level of self-mastery.

This is a call for self-care/self-mastery authors!

Are you a clinician, researcher, or industry expert who is passionate about bringing cultural visibility to mental health? Are you intentional and joyful about making an impact in the area of wellness and culture? This is an opportunity to feature your work prominently on our platform and within our communities to make a difference in the mental health space.

Your self-care articles will contribute to a body of curated work designed to be a tool for diverse populations to heal and thrive. We provide our expansive community with competent, relevant and powerful self-care and self-mastery articles. These articles are shared on our website and across our social media platforms to support our tribe in showing up whole, operating with joy and living with power.

We require a creative and skillful tone, focused on providing culturally intentional encouragement, knowledge and power. These articles exist to ease daily stress and create a pathway to a thriving life of wholeness and joy.

We aim to collect articles on various topics. The main areas of focus include:

  • Relationships (parenting, marriage, couples, divorce, etc.)
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Work/Career
  • Racial fatigue
  • Self-care/Stress management

The copy must be spell checked and written at an eighth-grade reading level and have no more than 750 words. The articles should be relevant and offer advice to men. Text should be written in language that is engaging, lively, and direct, using active voice whenever possible. Avoid excessive jargon.

We will serve as editor of the articles, and if there are significant changes to the content, we will allow the original author to agree to the changes. The author of each article will be listed. Our call for articles starts today and will continue on a rolling basis.

With Gratitude,

The Hurdle Team

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