Our therapists are trained in cultural humility to improve patient retention and health outcomes.

Our therapists complete the Hurdle Cultural Responsiveness Training, which equips them with the skills needed to effectively address issues of race, ethnicity, class, and culture.

Hurdle uses a scientifically validated tool to measure cultural responsiveness and then provide education and coaching to improve the cultural humility of therapists. Research shows that therapists whose patients perceive them as having cultural humility deliver improved therapy outcomes.

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Meet Hurdle's growing network of culturally competent therapists.

Featured Therapist of the Month

Tempey Hamilton

My clinical lens was curated by pairing my lived and professional experiences. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I have 8 years of experience with providing mental health services to children and adults in child welfare, psychiatric, medical, and community settings. This experience was accrued in Alabama, Colorado, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. I believe that therapy is a portkey to self-ascension. It equips people with the tools to identify, acknowledge, and release burdens carried in their everyday lives. By doing this, we gravitate towards liberation.

Hurdle’s virtual platform provides an opportunity to broaden my reach and expand my impact. It is an intentionally curated space for both clients and practitioners to show up as their whole selves. By intersecting my Black, queer, womxn identity, social justice and racial equity are integrated in all work that I do because it is relevant in everything that I do. Hurdle enables me to bring this lens into a space that was created for us, by us, with a culturally present intention.

My practice is rooted in holistic healing. It focuses on teaming with clients to resolve trauma and navigate everyday challenges. Success looks like a genuine human connection and support used to assist clients on their path to self-ascension.

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