At Hurdle, we put culture first. That means our therapists have the ability to understand your story, your needs. 

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Our licensed providers are trained to provide culturally responsive care for a variety of stressors, including:

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Substance Use
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Health & Illness
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Family & Relationships
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Jobs & Career
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Money & Finances
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Grief & Loss
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Race & Racism
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Domestic Violence
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& More
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Hurdle allows you to connect with our therapists in a secure and confidential online environment. Anything you share is strictly between you and your therapist.
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Culturally Responsive

Our therapists are licensed, background checked, and have receive ongoing evidence-based training to improve cultural humility and responsiveness.
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Help is available on your time and at your pace. With Hurdle’s online therapy, you can get help from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop.
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What People Are Saying

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One of the most special things for me with Hurdle is that I’ve sparked a new level of trust. I’m actually listening and applying the things that are being shared with me and that’s why I’m seeing such great results.
— James, 29

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My therapist does a really good job at being aware of what’s going on in African American culture and also what black men are experiencing in the midst of everything going on around us.
— Angela, 45

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[Culturally responsive] means being aware and open. Being honest and not afraid to bring up the cultural differences with clients, couples, and families. Those areas need to be talked about and if they’re not talked about, you don’t know whether they are impacting a relationship or not.
— Daniel, 36
Quotes are from actual clients and/or therapists. Names and photos have been changed to protect their identity.

We currently accept the following insurance plans
and are working to add more:

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Frequently asked questions

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I’ve never been to therapy. How will I know if it’s a good fit for me?
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It is normal to be unsure or hesitant about trying therapy. In addition to therapy sessions, Hurdle offers a complimentary 15-minute information session so you can speak with a therapist to get questions answered before registering to start therapy.

I’ve been to therapy before and it wasn’t effective. How is Hurdle different?
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Hurdle understands that people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are having a unique experience in this country. Our therapists are highly trained and dedicated to providing counseling that allows you to show up as your whole self. If you ever feel that your therapist is not a good match for you, Hurdle makes it simple and easy for you to switch providers. We take your feedback seriously and are
committed to ensuring you have a positive and empowered experience with therapy.

How do I sign up and get paired with a therapist?
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Once you complete your registration, Hurdle will pair you with a therapist best suited to meet your therapeutic needs. We have a multicultural, multi-ethnic platform of therapists who provide culturally responsive care.

Can I share my preferences before I am matched with a therapist?
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Absolutely! There is an opportunity for you to share your preferences when you register for therapy.

Will my therapist be Black or POC?
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While many of our therapists are Black, we do not discriminate and welcome all races to apply for employment opportunities to meet the needs of those we serve.

What happens if I don’t think my therapist is a good fit?
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Our sincerest desire is for you to have an experience in which you feel confident that your emotional needs are being met and addressed. If you think that isn’t the case, please contact customer service, and we can work with you to switch providers as needed.

What type of therapy does Hurdle offer?
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Hurdle provides individual and couples therapy. In addition, Hurdle also offers therapy for minors 11+.

How long are therapy sessions?
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Therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes long.

Are therapy sessions held in person?
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No, you will meet with your therapist by video. All Hurdle therapy sessions are held virtually, through our secure portal. You will receive a link to join your session in the reminder email and texts for each of your sessions. In addition, your portal will hold all information for upcoming sessions.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?
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You can also join your session through a web-browser on your smartphone or tablet.

Once I register, what is the average wait time to schedule my first session?
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Appointments are typically available within seven (7) days.

How often will I meet with my therapist?
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During your first session, your therapist will work with you to determine how often you will meet. Most often, our clients meet with their therapists on a weekly basis.

How much does therapy cost?
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The standard out-of-pocket rate for therapy is $99 per session. Rates vary for clients paying with insurance.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
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No problem! You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. If your appointment is not cancelled within that time frame, you will be charged a $20 late cancellation or no-show fee.

Do Hurdle therapists provide medications or help manage prescriptions?
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No, Hurdle therapists do not prescribe medications. Participants are encouraged to speak with their primary doctor or seek a referral through their insurance to meet with a psychiatrist or other professional to assist.

To reach customer service and for all other questions, please email us at or call at +1 (724) 250-8855.

Starting therapy is simple. Complete a quick registration form and we’ll match you with a therapist. Login into the member portal to schedule your session, and meet with your therapist from your phone, tablet or computer.
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