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Hurdle's Workshops

Hurdle’s workshops are for John Hancock employees and are designed to help participants critically examine their lives within their cultural context. We will use Hurdle’s culturally competent wellness model to help participants:

Hurdle’s Wellness Workshops help John Hancock employees protect the energy they need to thrive at home and in the workplace.

• Develop critical consciousness - enhanced awareness of how personal dynamics unfold within social and political contexts.
• Develop knowledge and skills acquisition to successfully implement practical strategies and culturally competent solutions into daily life.


Upcoming workshops

• Introduction to Hurdle Workshops / January 2022
• Making the Team: Strategies to Address Conflicts in Families, Teams & Organizations / February 2022
• Managing Stress and Financial Hardships During the Pandemic / March 2022
• Parenting During Crisis: Making it work & Doing it well! / April 2022
• Substance Use and Abuse in our Daily Lives / May 2022
• Managing Grief and Loss / June 2022
• When Helping Others Hurts: Addressing Compassion Fatigue/Secondary Trauma and Its Impact /July 2022
• Personal Power / August 2022
• Empowerment Through Self Care / September 2022
• A Growth Mindset vs A Fixed Mindset / October 2022
• Managing Stress in the Workplace / November 2022
• Shaping a Positive Sense of Self / December 2022

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What People Are Saying

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My therapist does a really good job at being aware of what’s going on in African American culture and also what black men are experiencing in the midst of everything going on around us.
— James, 29

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One of the most special things for me with Hurdle is that I’ve sparked a new level of trust. I’m actually listening and applying the things that are being shared with me and that’s why I’m seeing such great results.
— Angela, 45

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[Culturally responsive] means being aware and open. Being honest and not afraid to bring up the cultural differences with clients, couples, and families. Those areas need to be talked about and if they’re not talked about, you don’t know whether they are impacting a relationship or not.
— Daniel, 36
*Quotes are from actual clients and/or therapists. Names and photos have been changed to protect their identity.