Hurdle places culture and life experiences at the center of therapy.

“Every person deserves to have their culture honored, especially in therapy.”

-Kevin Dedner, Founder & CEO

Community Partners

You are on the front lines serving the community. You understand the urgent need for mental health support at the community level.
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Health System & Payers

Responding to the mental health needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds is critical to your organization remaining a leader in meeting the needs of members.
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Cultural stigma and bias create unique barriers to providing mental health support to employees from diverse backgrounds.
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Hurdle is the leading provider of culturally intentional mental healthcare.

• Hurdle is an essential thought partner with a proven ability to support accelerated diversity and inclusion strategies and to meet the demand for reimagined care solutions.

• We understand that systemic oppression and structural racism are invisible barriers that People of Color and other minority groups face. 

• Hurdle’s digitally-enabled platform provides a comprehensive suite of mental health services and self-mastery tools designed to meet the unique needs of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

• Hurdle employs culturally intentional care, which leads to stronger therapeutic relationships, higher levels of self-disclosure, and improved intervention outcomes.

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Hurdle offers access to our specialty network of culturally responsive therapists.

• Hurdle trains and continually invests in our team of expert culture-first therapists.

• Hurdle therapists are rigorously trained in our proprietary, evidence-based Hurdle Cultural Responsiveness (HCR) model to improve cultural humility and responsiveness.

• Hurdle’s specialty therapy network is uniquely positioned to establish an enterprise partnership with companies that support employees across the organization.

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Hurdle values privacy and confidentiality.

• Hurdle takes the utmost care when handling any personal information. We do not distribute or resell any data for any purpose. 

•All components of the Hurdle solution are HIPAA compliant. All data is stored behind a secure firewall and is only accessible  through secure interfaces.

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What People Are Saying

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My therapist does a really good job at being aware of what’s going on in African American culture and also what black men are experiencing in the midst of everything going on around us.
— James, 29

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One of the most special things for me with Hurdle is that I’ve sparked a new level of trust. I’m actually listening and applying the things that are being shared with me and that’s why I’m seeing such great results.
— Angela, 45

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[Culturally responsive] means being aware and open. Being honest and not afraid to bring up the cultural differences with clients, couples, and families. Those areas need to be talked about and if they’re not talked about, you don’t know whether they are impacting a relationship or not.
— Daniel, 36
Quotes are from actual clients and/or therapists. Names and photos have been changed to protect their identity.