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Free online therapy is available to BPN members through our partnership with Hurdle.

We are invested in the health and wellness of the Black principals who are helping to shape the future of our children and our world.We understand that you face many different challenges and want to be of support in the best ways possible. BPN members can attend free therapy sessions in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MI, NC, NY, SC, TN, TX, VA and Washington, DC.

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Use group code hurdle4bpn to make your mental health a priority today.

To reach customer service and for all other questions, please email us at or call at +1 (724) 250-8855.

March 15th | 6pm - 7pm ET: The Emotional Pandemic: Understanding the Multidimensional Impact on Educators Post COVID-19
Presenter: Megan Bhatia-Mohamed

The Emotional Pandemic has three facets: physical, racial, and economical. Join us as we take a deep dive on how these three dimensions specifically impact BIPOC educators' health and mental health. The objective of this workshop will be to shine a lens on how we can develop adaptive coping skills to improve balance and decrease the mental impact the emotional pandemic has taken on our lives.

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Our specialty therapy network delivers culturally responsive online therapy to individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds.

Self-Care Mobile App

Unlimited access to self-mastery content designed to remove common barriers to entry faced by People of Color seeking mental health services.
- Daily Motivational Messages
- Guided Meditations
- Articles and Podcasts

Wellness Workshops

Workshops covering a broad range of topics such as grief, racial trauma, and compassion fatigue.

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My experience has been great since I started. Hurdle is leaps and bounds ahead of other organizations I have worked for.

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I believe in the vision of Hurdle and I would love to see it continue to grow and expand. I really like Hurdle. Hurdle has made it easy for both clients and therapist providing virtual therapy as we navigate through a global crisis. Hurdle offers opportunities to continue to grow as a therapist. Administration is very helpful!

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Hurdle works.

Hurdle's evidence-based model ensures our therapists are trained and monitored to provide culturally responsive care more effectively engaging members from all minority groups.

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Hurdle clients are engaged in therapy 2-3x the historical average, attending on average at least 11.8 sessions.

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Internal data shows a positive correlation between the number of sessions and clinical outcomes.

Members are satisfied.

Hurdle members give an average satisfaction score of 4.82 on a 5-star system and an NPS score of 70.

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