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Hurdle Health was acquired by Youme Healthcare and is officially rebranding to Backpack Healthcare!

In line with Hurdle Health's mission, Backpack Healthcare provides accessible, inclusive, and comprehensive mental healthcare for the whole family.

Head over to Backpack's Website to explore the mental health services offered.

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Hurdle has established relationships with employer groups, leading payers, and strategic partners, providing access to care to more than thirty million Americans.

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What our clients say.

[My provider] is everything I could have hoped for in a therapist. I find myself feeling heard, validated, and armed with the necessary tools to take on my life. Therapy is hard for me to adjust to, but I feel like she is in my corner and I can be vulnerable without being or feeling judged.

Hurdle Member

It was the first meeting with my new therapist and she surpassed all of my expectations. Her approach to therapy feels inviting and provides a new angle to help me cope with mental illness. I feel positive this new route will provide a the tools I need to progress to the next level in my journey.

Hurdle Member

My session was informative and helpful as always. My sessions have been weekly building blocks of progress in obtaining my ultimate goal of happiness and peace at who I am.

Hurdle Member

So far for the couples Consultation or counseling we have she is amazing and patient and does not judge or make us feel bad about what we are saying. I have grown and I am changing by challenging myself to do better for me and my relationship.

Hurdle Member

My therapist seems to genuinely listen and be invested in helping me get back to myself.

Hurdle Member

I am so grateful that I was able to disclose my need for a queer therapist of color. Whenever I tried therapy, the first month was dedicated to just explaining my basic humanity. Having someone with my background or a company that understands the importance of that background has made my homework easier and fulfilling!

Hurdle Member

Hurdle is an accredited National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP), a competitive credential given to organizations that reflect the highest standards in mental health training and a commitment to advance mental health equity.

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